Setting Up a Bail Bond

The bail bonds business is like no other business,someone has to be bad for it to be good. No really, bad like in comitting a crime, breaking and entering, a mugging, writing bad checks, or a million other little infractions that put them on the other side of the laws.

 So along comes a bailbonds man or lady, and the next thing you know our criminal’s feet is on the street and away from the stunning shadow of the jailhouse bars, the jailhouse blues.

 But a bit of business has to happen first, like a phone call, a connection with a friend who can locate the bondsman, come up with the fee, and the collateral to protect everyone’s interest. There is a 10% fee on a state bond, and a 15% fee on a federal bond. These fees are set in stone by our laws. There also has to be something of value to cover the full amount of the bond, for example, cash, jewelry, or maybe a mortgage on your mother’s chateau, we call that the collateral.

 So more next time, but a word to the wise, show up in court, don’t run, cause well getcha.Image

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