Ruby, Ruby


Yeah I’ve got memories,lots of them, and hey I may be a little over the hill, but I am not under it yet.


Ruby was a stripper with a story. I lived it with her, and called it, “RUBY,RUBY.” They all had stories, but her sad blue eyes were filled with tears as she told me one night, after I got her out of jail, of course…….that her terrorists ex husband wanted her dead, so he could take their son back to God knows where. Then he tried to kill us both. Only a little fancy sharp shooting on my part saved our pretty little butts. My partner took a bullet in his leg, but it was my foresight that saved his life.


Sad days, but I prevailed….blood and guts were a part of our everday menu. But that was the Miami Crime Scene back then. Oh yes, I have done it all, and you can too. Look for the excitement that comes from learning how to protect yourself and others from criminals, and earn a good living while doing it.



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