Beginning Bail Bonds

 Why Bail Bonds Babylon? It’s a funky title about my experiences in that funky business called bail bonds. And funky it is, among other things, like maybe scary. And that’s true specially years ago when I first started out there were not many women bondsmen in those days.

Imagine that in just one day or night I had the chance to meet and greet and embezzler, a bank robber, a rapist, someone who had committed a felonious assault and under special circumstances, even a suspected murderer. But wait, the best is yet to come. A good deal of the time, I had the particular honor of escorting these self-saying men or in some cases women into my car and taking them from the jail house to our bails bond office. Heavens! Been there done that. And, that’s just part of the story, the HOW it was done. The really interesting part is the WHY, and what let up to my choosing such a strange and certainly unladylike career.


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