How I Ended Up A Bails Bond Lady

Now, about my book Bail Bonds Babylon. I became a bail bondsman because of a combination of events, hardly desperation, partly being young, divorced, alone, and broke back in the early 70s. And proud. I felt demeaned, I was educated, why did I have to wait on a food stamp line for a few measly dollars worth of food to feed my kids. My talents as a television personality had been cast aside in the wake of a big national shakeup. And lastly, and the best reason was that my mother and brother were in the business. Ah yes, that was it. And it was going to be easy, I thought. And the big bucks would roll in, I thought.

So, being kind of fearless and a bit reckless, as we all are in our mid twenties and not minding my impending relationships with the criminally-minded cast of characters I knew I’d meet, I went for it. And I did it successfully for about six years and now I can write all about it.

Dear fans, keep watching for my next exciting blog.

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