More About Me, Laura Landfield and BAIL BONDS BABYLON



I’m proud that forty years later, lots of ups and down along the way I realize that my courage and determination to support myself and my two children, educate them and give them a wonderful lifestyle worked out fine. I proved that even after a destructive early relationship and shattering experiences, I was able to effectively reprogram myself to live up to my potential. I humbly thank whatever powers that’d be and all the cuckoo criminals that I got out of jail for helping me to come to certain realizations and make the necessary changes. I could do it, I would do it. I did do it.

Many of the groups that I address on book signing tours are young women in their late teens or early twenties, many still in college or universities and all searching for the right path for their life. I try to be a bit of an inspiration to them and give encouragement that they can do anything they’re willing to study and work hard for. Sometimes I speak to young women in prisons who have made mistakes and I try especially hard to let them know that they can get on the right track with their lives if they are convinced that is what they want.


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