The World of Bail Bonds for Women

My foray into the world of bail bonds and eventually criminal and civil investigations began with my recognition that I needed to make a change in my life. Realizing that I was a battered wife, I accepted my mistakes and began to move on. I had to find certain courage almost 40 years ago, at a time when divorce and single motherhood was not as acceptable as it is today. It was a different world and I had to get out there and make it right for myself. We all make mistakes and we all have another chance to make things right.

The bail bonds business was a means to an end for me, but going back to school held the promise that I needed to forget about the past and become a successful woman. I hope that I am able to inspire women to do what it takes to realize their own dreams and build a better life. Actually, the bail bonds business is a good starting off point and takes only a short time to learn and intern. I discovered with the encouragement of some good friends, the agonies I experienced helped me to grow into who I am and was able to transform into stories the cases I did that are interesting, compelling, exciting, a bit scary, even sometimes fun, and I hope good reading.


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