In Regard to the Boston Bombings

I think about the early morning excitement of the little eight year old boy called Martin Richard.  It was Monday, April 15th in Boston and time for the great Boston Marathon. I can only imagine, a little breakfast and then off to the race. A day filled with sport, family, good weather and fun was on the menu and little Martin, with his gap toothed smile and baseball cap was enjoying every moment of it. Until the second bomb hit so close to him that he died right then and there. His little sister was horribly wounded, and his mother was soon enroute to the hospital to have brain surgery to save her life. The weather was still beautiful. But, that was all. Life was over for a little boy, a little American boy who had a bright and happy future before him and was slain because two Muslim-American  terrorists, one actually a naturalized citizen and his brother a legal resident decided to destroy an American sporting event and an American dream. Bengazi,  and now a little boy and two young women dead, on our own soil. When will our government decide to call this what it is, multiple attacks of pure terrorism designed to destroy our people here in our homeland and only be accused of an ordinary simple garden-variety crime. This is not the kind of crime one gets read his rights, this is the kind of crime where one should be treated as a murderous traitor out to destroy America…..and treated accordingly. Before  Homeland Security (?) and other government agencies took their place to “defend” us…what would we have done. I ask you.

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